• When Haley got Pregnant – Part 1: The night I met Haley 06/03/2017

    Esta é a primeira parte de meu conto preferido do /r/darksidesmokingfetish. Para evitar ter que publicar todas as demais partes, preferi reuni-las em um único arquivo e disponibilizá-lo para download em pdf e em mobi (melhor formato para leitores como o Kindle).

    This is the 1st part of my favourite story from /r/darksidesmokingfetish. In order to avoid publishing all the remaining parts of it, I preferred to join them into a single file, which is available for download in two different formats,  pdf and mobi (best for ebook readers like Kindle).



    After a breakup, insecure Haley goes through a string of one night stands. When she discovers she is pregnant, she is desperate to pin down a potential father of her baby. Unfortunately for her, she is obliged by a smoking fetishist who sees a great opportunity. Lonely and afraid, Haley regretfully walks the path of a pregnant smoker.

    I met Haley at a club.

    I was drunk, but not as drunk as she was. I spotted her on the dance floor and carefully made my way in her direction. She was curvy, with a cute face, blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. She noticed me, and we moved in each others direction and started to dance. She was handsy, and a little…over-flirty. I could tell immediately that she was very drunk. Two songs in, she spun around and kissed with me with a wet, warm tongue down my throat.

    I was having enough fun, so I bought her a drink to continue her along. After half an hour had passed, I hoped that she I would pass the often-difficult hurdle that every smoker faced when looking for girls.

    “I’m going outside for a smoke — would you like to join me?” I asked.

    She gave a huge drunken smile without a word and followed me. I wasn’t sure if she had heard me at all, or perhaps thought this was my booty call. It wasn’t, I just needed a smoke.

    I led her by the hand outside, and the air was brisk. I cuddled into her and pulled out my pack. “Do you smoke?” I asked, offering the pack in her direction.

    “No!”, she chimed happily, yet began to pull the Marlboro Red from the pack as if she did. She fumbled a bit, but I wasn’t sure if she was drunk or just new to this. Either way, I lit it for her and she seemed to know what she was doing, taking brief inhales without thought. I held her in the brisk night, and we finally introduced ourselves.

    When we went back inside, what I thought was straight intoxication began to reveal itself as desperation. She gave off the vibe through her oversexualized moves that she was a girl that was going to get laid in that club, be it me or some other lucky punter. I knew who I preferred.

    Shortly afterwards I made the appropriate suggestions and we checked in with her friends as we began to leave. They were of course hesitant, but accepted that this was their friend Haley after all. I talked to them for a few minutes to make them comfortable. One of her friends — a tall, thin brunette in a short tight dress called Erica — asked me about my last name. She said she was going to add me on Facebook before we left, to make sure I wasn’t a creep. I told her, and seconds later accepted her friend request. They let us go without further questioning.

    As we stood outside for our cab, I lit up and again offered her another cigarette. She smiled and took it without question. As I watched more carefully, I could see now that she was definitely not a smoker, but must have tried it drunk a few times, as she wasn’t incompetent.

    “You really don’t smoke?” I questioned.

    “I really don’t! Just sometimes when I’m drunk. But my girls don’t, they are super judgey. So with my other friends.”

    The cab arrived, and we made out in the back for the entire ride. She was over-enthusiastic, covering me with wet kisses, her tongue going everywhere. I was drunk, and I loved it.

    When we got to my place, she immediately saw the vodka on my counter, from earlier that night. “Shots!” she yelled, as she confidently walked to the kitchen and took two shot glasses from the counter and pours without hesitation. She gave one to me, which I didn’t want, but drank anyway. She poured another two, but I didn’t drink the second. From here, it took no further work on my part for her to lead me to my room.

    In the next few minutes, Haley went from desperate to crazy. As we undress each other, she starts to whisper things. I’m handsome. I’m a great lover (already?). I’m such a great guy (thanks?). At first I was taken aback, but quickly realized that I had nothing to lose from participating. I started to whisper random romantic shit back to her.

    Seeing as nothing could stop the sex from happening, I decided to try and have her smoke. As she took my shirt off, I reached over and grabbed my cigarettes, pulled one out, and lit it. She didn’t flinch, perfect. I drew out another, and placed the filter in her mouth as she kissed my body. Immersed in her own world, she took it and I lit it for her. Perfect.

    Without perhaps realizing, Haley went on to complete the holy trinity: smoking blowjob, smoking while being eaten out, and smoking during sex. The whole night, she seemed so fascinated by the sex that she was smoking automatically the entire time. I was hooked on this girl. And then, she got crazier.

    “I love you!” she blurted out in whisper as I entered her.

    “What?” I said, shocked. I paused for a second and she looked me in the eye. She unconsciously took a long, deep drag of her cigarette, before she spoke again, which is the only reason what she said made sense to me.

    “I mean, I just met you. But why can’t we say that when we feel it in the moment? It doesn’t have to mean anything. It just feels so fucking good to say to someone. Especially as he’s fucking you.”

    I kept slowly moving in and out of her pussy to prevent an awkward silence.

    “Just say whatever you want, I won’t take it personally. I won’t believe it tomorrow. But I’ll believe it tonight. Make me your princess.” she said, looking me directly in the eye.

    Well, what the heck. This girl had given me a smokey bliss I hadn’t experienced for years, so there was no harm. And so it began. I told her I loved her — the girl I just met, whose last name I didn’t even know, who I may never see again. And to my surprise, she gave me some of the best sex of my life.

    The wooing became more extreme as we heated up. I got lost in the madness. I didn’t pay it second thought when she told me to give her a baby. I simply told her I’d do anything for her. Finally, as I came close to blowing, I lifted her soft, chubby legs around my shoulders, and she told me:

    “Cum inside me.”

    And I did.

    I lay on top of her, still inside, and reached for two cigarettes. I had become quickly sober in the moment, but I was still enchanted by everything. We smoked without saying a word, and then fell asleep.

    The next morning, Haley was still in my bed. I looked at her curvy body, her pale skin, her soft breasts. I couldn’t shake the euphoria that this girl had given me as she smoked, but I wasn’t able to recreate the feeling in my head. I wondered if she had done that before. Or more importantly, if she would do it again! She had claimed she didn’t smoke, but was so happy to take my cigarettes last night. Could I recreate that night? Or would she need to get that drunk again? I decided to pry into her thoughts.

    I carefully woke her up, and she smiled back at me.

    “My head hurts.” were her first words. “I still love you though,” were her second. Sober, still crazy. I decided to milk what I could get from the situation. I began caressing her body, and kissing her breasts. She slowly rose into action, whispering, “I don’t want this fairytale we made to end just yet.” Neither did I.

    However, when I reached for a cigarette, she I noticed a slight disapproving look. I lit it anyway, and she brushed passed it. I offered the pack to her without speaking, but this time she rejected me.

    “No sorry. I don’t know why I smoked last night. I know it looks like I do, but I really don’t. I don’t like it at all,” she said, looking slightly glum. “I don’t like the taste in my mouth right now.”

    “But I love you,” I tried. Realizing that her magical romance hinged on her smoking, she took it and lit it. From her first puff, I knew she wasn’t sold. But she continued, and I rewarded her by whispering outrageous romances in her ear as we had sex that morning.

    We eventually got up and she prepared to leave. When she went to the bathroom, I took my half-pack of Marlboros from my bedside and snuck them in the bottom of her small handbag. I didn’t know if I would see Haley again — I’m not sure if I wanted to — and so I would never know what she would do with the pack. But I wanted to leave it to my imagination. When she came back, we exchanged numbers, and she left — but not without telling me I was her soulmate. Truth be told, I didn’t expect to see Haley again, and I think she felt the same.